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Yellow Sun Films Presents:  Art Gallery Movie Mingle Mixer!

Sunday August 26, 2018

Noon to Midnight

One day only special reunion event!


Mix and mingle with the cast & crew from SIX feature films! Join us for a social gala to celebrate the people and their work in an open space art gallery presentation of these great indie movies!

10:00pm        [IMDb]     Mature Audiences Only

"(Secret Screening!)" director Jason Miller

Presented by Eddie Mui and Parry Shen

12:30pm         [IMDb]

"Unidentified" director Jason Miller

Presented by Eddie Mui and Parry Shen

4:30pm         [IMDb]

"The Last Tour" director Ryun Yu

Presented by Jeff Liu and Ryun Yu

2:30pm         [IMDb]

"1st DATE" dir. Elizabeth Sandy & James Huang

Presented by Jeff Bowser and Elaine Kao

6:00pm         [IMDb]

"Starting from Scratch" director James Huang

Presented by Elizabeth Sandy

8:00pm        [IMDb]   Mature Language/ Themes

"Get You Back" director James Huang

Presented by Francis Corby, Maggie Mae Fish, Zach Dulin & Others!

Tickets must be purchased in advance to

be on guest list. No ticketing at door.

Cast & Crew free but must buy drink ticket below.

One ticket = ALL DAY PASS!


(pulldown tab)  


Enjoy a drink? Consider taking an

Uber or Lyft to/ from the event!